Monday, April 16, 2018

How to survive a knife wound....

Funny how life can be, hey.... "Expect the unexpected" as the saying goes.... Well, "unexpected" is the understatement of my year. "Unexpected" drop-kicked me in the teeth last week. "Unexpected" has crushed my soul, and sadly, there is no recovery from this one....

My best friend (of more than 35 years!), and my boyfriend, are no longer either of those things to me. Without getting into details, let me say that I will never, ever understand how two people, whom I respected and loved, could be so deceptive and hurtful towards me. My mind is swimming in bewilderment and my heart is broken, as I'm not sure what I did to deserve being handed the ultimate betrayal. I did not see it coming, at all. Wow. Just.... wow.

So.... While I am still processing the events that have transpired and have no survival tips to provide at the moment, I'm certain I will eventually figure out how to extract this giant knife from my heart (and the other one from my back), and I am confident I will heal from the wounds and move on. But I will do so with two fewer people in my world, which right now feels pretty devastating to me.

Funny how life can be, hey.

Monday, April 2, 2018

It's April..... Fools!

It was -19C this morning when I got up today.... on APRIL 2ND..... what the...???!! It is really starting to feel like the winter that never ends, as snow continues to linger in the forecast and daily temps aren't making it very far into the positives.... oy....

Anyway, regardless of the weather, the good times continue to roll. Over the past several weeks, I've gotten a few lovely days of skiing in, plus my dear friend Lisa got married! Woot! Some pics from her wedding are here if you'd like to check them out.

This was the scene on Friday morning!

The neighbor's deck ornament looked as though it was mocking all of us.... how fitting that some Christmas decorations are still out!

Eerie early morning light at Sunshine.

View from the top of the Norquay Chair.

Just happy to be outside!

I'm thinking that there will be at least a couple of more opportunities to hit the slopes, and then perhaps it will be time to dig out the hiking gear! Keeping my fingers crossed....


Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Moving Right Along....

The first quarter of 2018 is just a few sleeps away from being over.... Although with the constant 'snowfall warnings' and sub-zero overnight temperatures that just won't quit, it is hard to fathom that April is here! Yeesh.

'April' is typically synonymous with 'spring', so I have been doing some 'spring cleaning', of everything from my over-full closet to my humongous list of memes cluttering up my phone to my abundance of mismatched cutlery. As a result, I've developed an impressive pile of clothes to deliver to the local thrift store, and the lunchroom at work should never run short of forks and knives ever again after my hefty utensil contribution! I've decided too, that I can google funny jokes on an as-needed basis... my BlackBerry is so much faster now with all of that memory freed up!

I have also been sifting through all of my camera gear, as my good friend is getting married on Friday and I'm going to pretend to be a photographer and capture some of the special moments from her big day for her. And while raiding the plethora of memory cards, I came across some pics from a trip last summer that I realized I never did blog about, and I'm not sure why. It was a fantastic mini-vacay to Seattle, where we travelled to see a Blue Jays triple-header, and along with watching some super-fun major league baseball, we walked and walked and gawked and had a stellar time!

View from the VRBO

Lobby of the VRBO - groovy!

One of the more interesting
establishments we visited....

Mmmm, who doesn't love pie!

Pre-game entertainment.

Mariners vs the Jays

We toured Starbucks head office and tasting room!

Candy shop on Capitol Hill

Punchbuggy BLUE!

THE best record shop in West Seattle!

At the top of the water tower in Volunteer Park.

How's this for a view of the city!

Scrolling through these photos reminded me of how much I heart Seattle - it is a lush, vibrant, inviting city, with such a great variety of activities available. It also reminded me that I have not been on a plane in months, and I think that needs to change, quick! LOL! Stay tuned.... I'm due for a trip real soon..... But in the mean time, everyone have a Happy Easter!


Monday, March 19, 2018

March Madness

Who'd have thunk that all of this late-season snow would be so much fun! With temps hovering in the -5C range and over half a foot of the fresh stuff, it was hard to keep the grins off our faces this past Saturday and Sunday!

Cool clouds in the Bow Valley!

I don't have much else to say, other than #feeltheburn....LOL.... and I'm looking forward to more of the same this upcoming weekend!


Still one of the most iconic views in the Canadian Rockies....

Monday, March 12, 2018

Fun in the Sun!

Sun, sun, SUN! The sun was more than shining at Sunshine Meadows on Sunday - it was blazing! The sky was clear, the powder was untracked, and there wasn't a breath of wind.... I could not have asked for a more perfect day to be in the back country!

I am really loving the snowshoeing thing. The temps were in the +5C range, so I was without a jacket for most of the afternoon.... But it is a fantastic activity for a cold day also, because you are constantly moving and a fair amount of effort is required to get through deep snow. All exertion aside, you can go wherever you want, as opposed to having to stay on a trail like you do when winter hiking. It rocks!

Over the weekend, I also learned that I have some - not much, but some - mad painting skills.... LOL.... I signed up for a concrete statue paint party with Creating Dharma (check her out on Facebook). The figurines are made with reclaimed concrete (and some fresh stuff, too) that originated from the mountains in the Canmore area, and the molds are handmade in Exshaw. There were a lot of creative people in the house, let me tell you! I was not one of them however....

Watch for these critters on my patio this summer - I managed to eek out a small, basic colored turtle and a boring rendition of a salamander.... but I totally enjoyed the evening and will definitely try it again!

Well, the weekends fly by as it is, and the spring-ahead time change made this past one go even quicker. But alas, another Monday is done, and only a few more sleeps until it is Friday again! Yeah!


Sunday, March 4, 2018

Local Pow

Well, March roared in like a lion.... Late last week, heavy snowfall warnings and windchill advisories were being issued left and right, plus I had to work on Friday, so I didn't stray too far from home this weekend.

In spite of the weather, I did have a lot of fun doing something that I haven't done in ages - I spent a day at Canyon Ski Resort. Now if you are a competent skier or boarder, I highly recommend using your own gear if at all possible. All of my skis are in Canmore, so it took a few trips back to the rental shop to find some boots that fit and sticks that were somewhat tuned up. But in the end, I was able to fully enjoy the surprisingly great conditions!

Powder day in Red Deer!

Overall, it is an awesome little hill - we are super lucky to have it within minutes of the city!

The rest of this (very short) weekend is being utilized for home improvement projects. Not my home however, but I don't mind helping out by prepping walls for painting and by picking glow-in-the-dark stickers off of ceilings.... Oy....

And then it's back to the serious grind tomorrow. *SIGH* I'm afraid I won't be having three-day weekends for the foreseeable future.... we are at that point at work where it is all hands on deck, for the next few months at least. So I am reminding myself to appreciate the simple things and make the best of my days off that I am around Red Deer.


Sunday, February 25, 2018

Snow Time

Day one.... week one.... month one.... all are over and done..... Wow. Where has the time gone! It has been a hectic few months, but some awesome entertainment has been enjoyed amongst the havoc. It started in early February with a chilly but lively get-together of the Cooke Clan....

Newly engaged!
Congrats Jen and Rod!

Next, Chris finished his snow bike project and took the Husky-cross out to his parents' place for a test burn prior to its inaugural big mountain run.

Firing up the Husqvarna 450 4-stroke with a TimberSled kit.

A lovely day out at the Cookes' place!

Sicamous was the real test however!

Check out all that snow!

I think he likes it!

We've also been doing some more of the other snow biking - you know, the version that requires a slightly larger amount of human power....

The fat tire bikes are a blast and this past weekend offered up some stellar weather for being outside. A chunk of time was spent inside as well, to hang this beast on the wall in my place in Canmore - a limited edition print by local artist Fraser McGurk.....

My favorite of the Rockies - Castle Mountain!

I have a crazy-busy work schedule that is not going to let up for a few more months, so I am powering myself through it by living from weekend to weekend. Which means that as of this evening, there are only four more sleeps until the next weekend is here! Yeah!


Hope everybody had a
Happy Valentines Day!