Thursday, September 18, 2008


Well the first couple of days here in the Bow Valley have been a success!

Wednesday, we didn't exactly get an 'alpine' start... however we were able to spend many hours sport climbing at Grassi Lakes. It was like our very own climbing gym! NOBODY else was there! At least not climbing. There were many people out enjoying the Indian Summer temps, hiking up and down the trails... but it wasn't until we left at 6:30pm that we saw another party of climbers.

Today (Thursday), we rolled out of the house before 5:30am, and proceeded to zip up to Edith Pass, then come down and continue on to Lake Louise... where again, the amazing quartzite cliffs at the Back of the Lake were empty! We had it all to ourselves, which is pretty much unheard of! We climbed there late into the afternoon, very much enjoying the crowd-free crag.

I'm not sure what the rest of the week will bring, but I'm sure it will involve being outside... perhaps more climbing, hiking or even fishing... To tell you the truth, it doesn't really matter. Any day that I do NOT have to spend at work, it is a great day!! It's just such a bonus to hang out in the Rockies!


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