Tuesday, June 16, 2009


Although it's not my first choice of outside activities on a nice summer day, I must say that a round of golf is not a bad way to pass a few hours! I was reminded yesterday that I actually don't mind the game - the course we played is in lush condition and (bonus) I didn't lose even one ball! Plus it's relatively decent exercise - I carry my set of ancient clubs (read: old, made of steel, in the bulky, original-equipment bag, all of which I received as a 20th birthday gift!!), and often times I am all over the place trying to find my crazy shots. Add to that about 100 swings, and there is no lack of energy expended on my part! So, in light of the fact that there are no rock faces and few sufficiently windy days in Red Deer... I'm thinking I'll be seeing a bit more of the fairways and greens in the area when I'm in town on days off. If you need a 4th and don't mind hanging out with a moderate hacker who doesn't take it tooooo seriously... give me a call!!? Oh, and did I mention I'm super efficient at flagging down the beer cart!!

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