Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Hangin' in there...

**WHEW** I'm now on day 6, of 7 in a row, of work. ICK. I just need to hang on for about 40 more hours, and I'll be able to hopefully enjoy 11 or 12 days in a row, of play!! Yeah!! The weather is supposed to pick up a bit this weekend, which would be nice - since I still have soooo many objectives on my 'Things To Do When You're Not At Work' hit list. Then it will be crazy for a few weeks, and then... Australia!! We'll be gone for a month, and I can hardly wait. I'm trying hard not to think about it too much, because I get super distracted, and surely I'm annoying my co-workers with my pre-travel neurosis! Although I know deep down they'll miss me when I'm gone... hee hee!
I think my friend Lynn may join me for a day hike this weekend, if the temps are reasonable, and perhaps I may even convince my best friend Jynelle to come to Canmore for a visit. Yeah! Friends, the outdoors, probably a bit of rum... good times!

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