Thursday, December 3, 2009

Coming to a close....

We left Merimbula on Monday and stopped back in Inverloch. Both Todd and Brad got in some more great kitesurfing - Inverloch is really a gem of a place to ride! And the town is pretty neat, too. Todd and I lost Brad somewhere along the way... so we just continued on into Melbourne, where we spent our last few days doing some touristy stuff. Wednesday morning, we got the campervan all cleaned out and washed up, and then we ditched it and rode the tram to the city centre. We checked out the very cool Melbourne Aquarium - it has 4 levels of exhibits, my favorite parts were the penguins and the sharks - and we hung around downtown for most of the day.
Thursday (today... still! we have lived through it twice now!!) we were supposed to leave Melbourne at noon for Los Angeles... however there were some technical issues and we were delayed almost 5 hours. Which means we missed our connection to Calgary. Which means we are sitting in LAX as I type this. Oh well. We'll get home eventually!
Anyway, in about 24 hours, the vacation will be done... or I should say, THIS vacation will be done... In ten short weeks, we are booked for some sailing lessons in the Virgin Islands - yeah!! Can't wait!!
Here are the last of the pix that I'll be posting from this trip. Of course it was too darn short, but in spite of that, it has been most fabulous!! The beaches of the Surf, Bass and Sapphire Coasts are more stellar than any I have ever seen, and the Australian people are pretty much some of the friendliest I have ever met. And their coffee... well, their coffee is wicked - I am going to have a hard time kicking my 'flat white' habit! I look forward to going back some day!

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Jody Goodwin Photography said...

Looking forward to seeing you guys and hearing more of your travels. Looked like a great trip with many awesome memories. Love the pictures Cheryle! They really made your stories come together. Take care and see you soon!