Friday, March 5, 2010

Arrrr, ya scurvy dogs!!!

Ha ha!! We can officially say that now... since we've sailed this past week, completely on our own! It has been fabulous - although I must admit, I had a few episodes of serious nervousness... this is all still so new to me... But the positive aspects of the whole adventure waaaayyy outweighed any negatives I may have experienced, for sure. And I look forward to the next time that Todd and I will charter a boat and put our new skills to the test. It will be a monohull, by the way. The catamaran, while it was super comfy when stopped, was a total PIG to sail. The monohull on the otherhand, even though it moved about a bit more when anchored or moored, sailed like a dream - it felt much more stable in bigger swells and the rigging was easier to handle, especially for two people.
At any rate, we are now in Nanny Cay on Tortola, after sailing this week from Red Hook on St Thomas, around St John, and back to Red Hook. The bays we moored in around St John were amazing! We pulled into one bay, and immediately saw manta and leopard rays, sea turtles, and a nurse shark. Just south of the island, we watched whales breach for about an hour. We found a cool trail to hike which took us to the top of Ram's Head, and we explored an old abandoned rum factory and a sugar mill. The snorkeling everywhere was stellar, as well. Wow, we've seen so many beautiful things, I can't believe it! It has really been a most fantastic trip. And did I mention the weather??!! Average temps of 30-32C, every day... unreal...
This morning, we dropped off the boat in Red Hook on St Thomas, and took a ferry over to Soper's Hole on Tortola, then we hopped in a taxi and came back to Nanny Cay. Tomorrow we are flying to Puerto Rico, where we are renting a car and touring the island for three days. Then... home!!! Booo. Oh well. We've had sooooo much fun!
So... here are a few more pics... the next post will likely be from PR somewhere in the next day or two. Hopefully everyone back in the real world is well! Hee hee!

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Adventures in Pirates Paradise said...

Great share! Especially the underwater pictures. You gotta love the crystal clear waters of the Virgin Islands.

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