Thursday, September 16, 2010

A Break in the Weather!

Between the non-stop rainy weather and the non-stop photo editing this week (Karen & Terry got married! check out a few pics here if you like), I was really, really craving some outside time. And how was my luck when on Wednesday, the rain clouds were nowhere to be seen... so Todd, Michael and I hiked the Buller Pass loop. What a great day!


The trees are starting to turn color and the scenery was gorgeous once we got into the open valley below the south pass. There was a bit of snow, but nothing major, and the views looking down onto Ribbon Lake from the pass were spectacular!


We headed around to the north pass where we stopped for lunch. Then we continued down the wicked-steep slope into the north fork valley, joined up again with the main trail, and ended up back at the car before 2 o'clock.

The guidebook recommends hiking the loop in a counter-clockwise direction, and I second that recommendation. And although you won't find much of a trail between the passes, it is easy terrain and simple to find your way.

Next week, my friend Jody and I are spending a couple of days at Lake O'Hara, so I'm hoping the weather stays at the very least mediocre. After that I'm also hoping to get in a bit more hiking and scrambling before winter really sets in... which could be at any time, with the way this summer has been going!!


Buller Pass Loop (south to north)
Time (car to car): 5-1/2 hrs
Distance: ~16.5 km
Elevation Gain: ~700m

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excellent pictures again of mountain beauty,,,,dunkster.....