Sunday, March 13, 2011

Blades of Glory

Ha ha ha!! If you've seen that movie, then you probably laughed out loud at my post title! Well, this afternoon there were blades alright, but trust me, there was no glory... not for me, anyway.

The ol' skates have been buried for months in some box in the basement, and during a major recent overhaul of the storage situation down in the dungeon, they were found! Alas! And just in time too, since it reached +5C outside today - perfect temps for an outdoor skate.

My great friend Toni and I went down to Bower Ponds and soaked up the sunshine while striding around on the ice. We made several laps, Toni with her Tim Horton's in hand and me with my camera.

Everything went without incident until the final thirty feet of our day. We were on our way to leave via the access stairs, and I had just put my camera back in it's case. I was skating along, happily chatting with Toni about how much fun it was and BOOOOF!!! Down I go!!! HARD!! I must have caught a pick or something (yeah, likely story you're thinking) and faceplanted onto the ice. I was able to get my hands out so I didn't lose any teeth or anything, but boy oh boy my knees took a beating, and of course so did my ego! Jeeeeesh!!! I'm not sure how the 50 people sitting right there didn't burst into laughter immediately... if  you were there today and are reading this, I thank you so much for saving it until I was out of earshot!! Hee hee!!

Anyway, other than looking like a total idiot (I figure skated for years as a kid, really I did!!), it was awesome to get out and enjoy this rare, pleasant winter day.


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Anonymous said...

HEE,,HEEE,HAA,,EXCITING DAY YOU HAD!!!,,,yes you did figure skate and VERY WELL,yesterday was just a small GLICH in the program as some would say,,,skating is like riding a bike,, you really never forget,,lol,nice you could enjoy the day with a freind,,did she vlaugh much ??,,,cheerio ,, dunkster,,,