Monday, September 19, 2011

Time Not Spent At Work

Fall is definitely here, and can I just say EGAD! Where the heck has the time gone!? This past weekend however, I was fortunate enough to squeeze in a couple more days of outside time - yeah!! On Saturday, I drove a chunk of the Icefields Parkway with a friend who has lived in Red Deer for years but has never seen the Columbia Icefields! Unfortunately, north of Saskatchewan Crossing, we ran into blizzard-like conditions and didn't get to see much of the glaciers... But to the south, the weather was a little better and we were able to zip into Bow Glacier Falls - what an awesome walk!

Athabasca Glacier

Bow Glacier Falls

Sunday was much nicer, temperature and sunshine-wise, and I dragged Toni and Vida up to the Barrier Lake Fire Lookout atop Yates Mountain in Kananaskis.

They started out as happy campers!

The climb to Prairie View Viewpoint.

Prairie View Viewpoint

Barrier Lake

Almost at the top!

Vida uses the summit outhouse!

Yates Mtn summit photo - nice work Vida & Toni!!

Almost back at the car.

The views were beautiful, and the day ended up being so clear that we could see the Calgary skyline from the fire lookout! What a gorgeous afternoon it was - thanks ladies, for joining me!

Well, if EnviroCan is to be believed, after today we are in for a fabulous week - I'm keeping my fingers crossed! It would be great to spend a few more days this season out enjoying the Rockies.


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Anonymous said...

Hmmmm,snow north of the icefeilds,, winter might be closer than we think ! is mid Septemer and anything is possible..nice pictures and weather for your sunday jaunt,,,,cheerio,,,dunkster,,,,,