Sunday, October 2, 2011

The same day.... thrice!!

Uh oh. I don't usually hike the same trail twice... much less three times!! However, when time is limited and the weather is unpredictable, sometimes there just isn't a choice!

So on Friday, I made my third trip up to the Barrier Fire Lookout. I can get from Red Deer to the trailhead in just under two hours, which is a bonus. Plus the day was super enjoyable - the company was great and the trail is mellow and affords a beautiful paradox of views. Looking east, you can easily see across the prairies as far as Calgary. Then do a one-eighty and gasp at the gorgeous front range peaks in the Kananaskis Valley. There aren't many spots with such easy access, with this kind of panorama!


Hopefully it wasn't the last day that I'll get out hiking this year... however, if Mother Nature has decided to shut down summer for the season, well, this was a pretty good way to end it! No complaints!


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