Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Springtime on the slopes...

Yikes.... can you believe it is almost the end of April? Where the heck is the time going??! Since I got home from my Phoenix / Houston trip, I've been out skiing several times... all in stellar, spring conditions - how lucky am I!

Lake Louise

Sadly however, I think the ski season has come to a close for me. Not only are things picking up at work, but the warm temps are making me feel more like digging out the climbing gear rather than hauling around the skiis. So hopefully summer really is on its way - I'm looking forward to getting out on the rock, and soon!



Anonymous said...

SO... YOU STILL ARE TRAVELING ,IF ONLY ON WEEK ENDS,,,TRAIL WANDERING WILL START SOON,???,,,as well as other summer things to do,,,,cheerio,,,, dunkster,,,,,

Anonymous said...

HEY !!!! NO NEW POSTS LATELY,,, WORK MUST REALLY BE BUSY ???? lol lol,,,dunkster..