Monday, August 20, 2012

Eye candy....

Mmmmm mmmm, this past weekend was spent in some spectacular scenery! Saturday was a chill stroll up Paradise Valley.....

Lake Annette shoreline.
What a lunch spot!


Sometimes, you just gotta be your OWN superhero!

Sunday was equally as warm, but a little overcast, and we covered about 23km (return) worth of gorgeous ground.


Cool boulder field below the Molar Pass headwall.

What a view, from Molar Pass!
And today.... back to reality. Sadly. But maybe the weather Gods will turn their frowns upside down and smile on us again this coming weekend!! Cross your fingers!! I so want to spend more time in the mountains!


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Anonymous said...

MY !MY!,, more picturesque photos,,what a beautiful area,so now it is back to reality,,lol,,lool,,and be like the rest of us,,hee,hee,till next time ?,,cheerio for now,,dunkster,,,,