Saturday, February 23, 2013


Ha ha ha!! The F-bomb.... that term always makes me laugh out loud!! And that "term" was thrown around in many ways, shapes and forms this past few days.... as in Fun, Friends, Food, Festivities, Frivolity, Fresh air, Freedom... oh, the list could go on and on!!

Party central!

The hostess with the mostess and soon-to-be Sommelier - Sheila!
Mmmmm, wine!
Probably the best F-bomb that got dropped however, was Feet. As in, my feet are going to be all over the West Coast Trail, this September. Oh yeah baby, that's right! I've been wanting to hike that bad boy for years, and I am finally doing it! It is a guided trip and I received confirmation this morning that it's a go. Woot!
Well, I have to head back to Red Deer to work a Sunday dayshift - I need to earn some Funds for my extra-curricular activities! Hee hee! So even though this weekend was a bit of a short one, it was definitely packed with action and excitement! Love it. Love my life!

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