Sunday, November 6, 2016

The November that feels like April....

From pirates to POW to passes.... What feels like unseasonably warm temperatures has been favorable for many fun activities - an entertaining Halloween pub crawl, the always-awesome Banff Film Fest, and a fantastic day of hiking!

A few Saturdays ago, Chris and I joined 44 other grown-up trick'r'treaters for a rolling party around Red Deer. It was a great evening, full of laughs and silly antics!

Ay, matey!

Yes this is a bathroom mirror selfie....

Team Green! Yeah!

A few sheets to the wind at this point....

Somehow, this made it home with me!

This past weekend, the festivities continued. We wandered around Banff, enjoying the fine weather and taking in Jeremy Jones' super cool film fest presentation on Friday night. That man is quite something - not only is he an incredibly talented, hardcore snowboarder, but he is also an advocate for preserving our environment. Check out POW (Protect Our Winters) if you have time. Jeremy's ideas and efforts to educate and support global change are impressive.

Hard to believe it's November!

Saturday was even more awesome, when Chris's oldest daughter and her boyfriend came to Canmore for a visit. We encountered epic winds on our hike up to the aptly named West Wind Pass, but in spite of the crazy breeze, the sun was out and the temps were in double digits. Again, I found it hard to wrap my head around the fact that we are into November!

Now, after enjoying an extra hour of weekend time, it's back to work for a few days and then we are headed to Vancouver Island - I'm so excited! The trip begins with a stopover in Van to hang with Kristen, and hopefully Lindsay will be joining us as well. Then, onto the island tour, with a hit list that includes Nanaimo, Tofino, Victoria.... and anywhere else we can cram into our agenda. It is going to be a fabulous, much-needed vacation! Can't wait!



Anonymous said...

well firstly your costumes are great,,so great in fact I couldn't make Chris out to be Chris. Good costume Chris.
Secondly, have a good trip to Vancouver & enjoy the island.
Cheryle, you said a much needed seems you are always going here and there....isn't everyday a vacation???? lol.
Love you momma

Anonymous said...

nice weather for hiking not so good for skiing however I donot want snow for months yet ,,so,,,,happy weekend hiking for sometime yet,,,love ya lots dunkster.....