Monday, January 8, 2018

Week one.... is done!

Mmmmm, the mountains! The cold spell over the holidays finally released its grip (temporarily anyhow!), and a beautiful weekend was Week One of 2018's treat for me out west.

In between the plumbing and electrical projects at my place in Canmore, I did spend some time having actual fun pedaling the fat tire bike around the trails and enjoying the loveliness of the winter landscape. There still isn't all that much snow, but I'm sure it'll show up at some point!

A new kitchen faucet!

A new dining room light fixture!

The condo 'upgrades' were minor but they give it a rejuvenated feel. A downside of making minor changes is that they can lead to more major changes.... and I have a list as long as my arm of things I'd like to change! Oy.

Anyway, it seems like forever since I've had to show up to work on a Monday, much less put in a full forty hours.... But, one down, three to go! Yeah!


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Anonymous said...

can't say I would be a fan of winter cycling fat tire or not. but can say I LOVE you new light fixture. It certainly goes so well with your decor. and I also like your new sink faucet. Jobs well done. xxxooo