Monday, January 28, 2008

"G" is for Good Times!!

OK. So we rented a car. Am I scared?? Brad drives, Todd usually navigates, and I cower in the back seat as we bounce along on the wrong side of the road! The traffic here is atrocious, but it has been a blast to have a vehicle... we've spent a couple of days exploring the island, plus we've gone kayaking and snorkeling, and even rock climbing!! Heh heh - there is a climbing wall at the resort; the guy who runs it brags that it is the ONLY climbing on New Providence!! Oh, and did I mention there is ping-pong?? Oh yeah baby, when the rum is free flowing and the sun has gone down... break out the paddles!!
Unfortunately, the wind has not been cooperating and there has been no kitesurfing thus far. However, we've seen the forecast back home, so we are not complaining, we are simply happy to be here!

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