Friday, February 1, 2008

"F" is for FLAT TIRE, among other things...

We finally got in some kitesurfing time!! The winds were moderately good yesterday, and Todd took full advantage of it... he got the 14 meter up and flying, had a great day, even landed a few jumps!! I took pix, which I will post once we get to a better internet connection. The real adventure begun however, on our way home from South Beach. Driving on the wrong side of the road is a challenge to begin with, and when one of these crazy drivers in the oncoming lane pulled out to pass, on a nasty curve, it didn't leave us much choice but to head for the ditch... we came out of it relatively unscathed, in the end... a little "F"rightened and with one "F"lat tire... oh yeah, and a there were several "F" words muttered amongst it all!!! All in all, we made it back to the resort in one piece and got the tire repaired today. What "F"un!!
Maybe some more kiting tomorrow, the forecast is looking promising.

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heather elmo & dunc said...

Glad you three made it back to the hotel unscathed!!!