Sunday, July 13, 2008

Mountains, mountains, everywhere!!

Mount Adams to the north... Mount Hood to the south... it's cool to see these massifs, as they are hulks in the middle of nowhere, really. Next trip, we'll definitely bring some alpine gear... apparently the summit of Hood is less than 8 hours from the car... amazing!! Yesterday, we drove to the coast, to Fort Stevens Park, to check out the ocean kitesurfing. On the way out, we took the scenic route, stopping at viewpoints, waterfalls, and a town called Seaside. The valley is unbelievably lush and green! Then on the way back, we had supper in Portland. It was nice to spend the day in more moderate temperatures. This morning, we are (impatiently) waiting for the wind to pick up... Todd's anxious to get out on the water. Cheers.

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heather elmo & dunc said...

If I didn't know any different, the seashore picture could be mistaken for a similar picture I took of JAWS in Maui!! Hope you are having a great vacation!! HF