Saturday, January 10, 2009

I'm An Addict

I tell you, honestly, my 'crack habit' is planning my next vacation, it really is!! When I return home from a holiday, it doesn't take long for me to start feeling jittery and anxious. Especially over the winter months, when within a few weeks or so of being back in the grind, I begin having a hard time concentrating on tasks at hand (sorry Team 2!! I think the guys I work with are used to it by now...) It is almost indescribable, the uneasy confinement that I experience. All I can say about it is that I NEED to travel, to be on a plane, or on the road, heading toward some unknown territory to explore the culture and to photograph the scene and to enjoy a variety of activities. The world is a big place and I am addicted to seeing it! That for sure is when I'm at my happiest and am most content. So, to be true to myself and to my deepest yearnings, I just finished booking flights to Barbados... departing February 1st...! I feel like such a weight has been removed from me!! Ahhhhh, how invigorating, to have a trip to look forward to!! It is only a couple of weeks long, but I know that it will be enough of a fix to calm me down and get me through until the beautiful spring season arrives. At that point, my attention is usually diverted by rock climbing and hiking. And when that thrill starts to fade, well then it will be the perfect time to plan another holiday!

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elmo said...

Hey can't help the feelings you have inherited. What wonderful feelings tho!!!!!
We are so pleased that you are able to do this and enjoy it!!!
You only have one chance at this life!!!
We have 5 days to wait & can hardly wait!!!!
All our love for you guys...Have a great & dad