Thursday, January 8, 2009

Ice, ice, baby!

Coming back to work after having seven weeks off was a bit of an... adjustment, for lack of a better term! Especially since most of my vacation was spent in temperatures well ABOVE zero, and until yesterday, we haven't had any days even CLOSE to zero. The thermometer readout in my car goes as low as -30C and then gives a bad PV below that ("-----"). Oh my... I've just used a total work process term to describe something NOT work related!! Eeeek! 'bad PV'... d'oh... But anyway, I'd say that at least half of the mornings over the past month started out colder than -30C. Brrrrrrr. So you can imagine my delight when yesterday was forecasted to reach a high of +4C!!!!

I'm in Canmore this week and was thrilled to get outside and enjoy the weather. My good friend and I wandered the paths along the river for a few hours and then strolled up and down the slushy downtown streets. It was a treat to not be clunking around in a huge parka and boots, wrapped up like a mummy against the nasty elements. The next few days are looking to be similar in temperature and as well there may be a bit of wind. Perhaps I'll get out on Two Jack Lake or even Spray Lakes for a rip on the kite! And hopefully this 'nicer' weather means we've turned the corner on winter?!


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