Saturday, December 6, 2008

Wonderin' where the lions are...

Well I think I've probably been to all the attractions Pueblo and surrounding area has to offer! On Wednesday, I drove out to the Royal Gorge Bridge and Park, only to be shut down by a US$25 price tag - per person - to get close to the structure. I opted to hike up to a 'viewpoint' and snapped a couple of mediocre pics of the bridge. At 1053 feet above the gorge, it is for sure quite something to see... but I felt the cost was a little steep. Thursday I stopped in at the Pueblo Weisbrod Air Museum - and while the exhibits were neat, definitely the most interesting part about it was chatting with the war vets who volunteer their time there. Those fellows have seen and done more than I will ever imagine. They tell story after story after story! Yesterday I went to the Pueblo Zoo. Pretty cool I must say, especially the lions!! They are massive, powerful, beautiful cats... However I always leave those places feeling somewhat sad for the animals - which included camels, zebras, exotic bears, monkeys, penquins, kangaroos, and even a sloth!! Today, Todd and I went back to the Garden of the Gods, and climbed a couple of pitches on spires in the park. Apparently the weather at the moment is unprecedented - usually the area is under close to a foot of snow by now. It was lovely to climb in t-shirts, enjoying the sun and +15C temps! We also stopped at Seven Falls... which are mostly frozen and in all honesty aren't anywhere near as majestic as Takkakkaw Falls near Field, BC. Oh well. The last stop we made was at the Fallen Firefighters' Memorial, right in Colorado Springs. It is quite nice; it was touching to read the poems and see the sculptures.
Tomorrow we're heading into Denver - we'll tour around the city, since neither of us have been there before. Then I catch a red-eye flight home, and Todd continues on with another week of his hazmat course. So my vacation is coming to an end... but it has been GREAT!!! I can't wait til the next one!! Cheers.

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