Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Garden of the Gods...

We're in Colorado now, Pueblo to be exact... Todd is attending a hazardous materials course and I'm touring around the area. Yesterday I went to Colorado Springs and wandered around a park called Garden of the Gods - very cool!! The rock formations are amazing! I highly recommend seeing it if you have time. Then I tried to drive up to Pike's Peak, but I guess there is enough snow at that elevation (14,000ft) that the road is closed. This is the same road apparently, that leads to the North Pole!? (see pic of the highway sign) Santa must have serious chains for his sled, and studded shoes for his reindeer!! Anyway, I then stopped in Manitou at the cliff dwellings museum, which is not a huge place but it is interesting. And to finish off the afternoon, I strolled around the historic section of downtown Pueblo. My good friend Toni would love it; there have to be more antique stores per capita than any place I've ever been! I'm not sure what's on the agenda for today, as it is much cooler and the forecast is for snow. The Pueblo Zoo is on my list, as is the Royal Gorge and bridge in Canon City, so we'll see how things look after breakfast. Cheers!

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