Wednesday, March 25, 2009

I've been Ozone-ated...

What a great day! I worked last night, and got up today around noon-ish... to blue skies and 25km/hr winds. I really wanted to re-acquaint myself with our foil kites (my last experience with one was less than fun) and today the conditions were perfect. So off to Slack Slough we went! Todd gave me a quick refresher course and then I spent about two hours flying the 8m Ozone Access. He's a friendly little guy I must say! The lack of bar pressure (compared to the Slingshot T2's) takes a bit of getting used to, but it launches easily and overall handles very nicely. Todd flew the 13m Ozone Frenzy, which I think is his new favorite kite. The snow cover on the pond is still awesome and we had the place to ourselves. It was so much fun! Maybe tomorrow I'll be lucky enough for a repeat?!

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