Monday, March 23, 2009

Let it snow!

Who knew??!! that there'd be sooooo much snow, this late in March! We got another pile of it last night, but at least the temps are decent. I can handle tons of the white stuff, but I do prefer to see the thermometer stay above minus 10C... and so far with this recent snowfall, it has been fantastically warm!
We've been out snowkiting at Spray Lakes and also at Slack Slough these past four days. Todd got a new snowboard - built by DeCosse Customs ( - and I'd say he's got the hang of the whole 'boarding' thing. Check out some of his airtime! I'm still on skiis... I'm a diehard and likely won't deviate from what I'm comfortable with! But I am trying to get the nerve up to attempt a small jump... At any rate, the snowpack is thick and deep and sticks to the skiis and boards like crazy! It's been alot of fun, especially since Spray Lakes was empty all weekend - except for a couple of ice fishermen. It was like our very own playground!
Anyhow, back to work tomorrow... perhaps we'll get some sessions in this week, in between nightshifts. Let the countdown, to my next stretch of days off, begin!

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