Sunday, September 13, 2009

100 km horizontally... 6 km vertically...

That's about what this past two weeks has amounted to for me... I've put on a few miles and gained and lost some elevation... it has been STELLAR!! It's probably been the best two weeks I've spent in Canmore, in recent memory, for sure!
My days off wrapped up with a quick overnight trip into Arnica Lake and Upper Twin Lake with my friend Brad, where we tried fishing but didn't have any luck - although we came to the conclusion that Upper Twin was EMPTY... And yesterday we checked out a new climbing crag at Castle Mountain - however I wasn't that impressed and likely won't head back there any time soon...
Now I'm back in Red Deer, prepping for another stint of work. I do get some days off here and there and will definitely spend them in the mountains if the weather permits. Maybe I'll be able to add to the stats??!! Yeah!!

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