Thursday, February 4, 2010

Oh Happy Day!

**PHEW** Imagine the FedEx guy's face, when I flung the front door open as he was getting out of his delivery truck... and practically leapt off the porch to grab the envelope from him as he came up the sidewalk!! Of course he had no idea he was holding the most important thing I've ever owned... my PASSPORT!!! It's back! Yaayyy!! Last weekend, as we were coming through Pearson Int'l in Toronto, I was obviously not paying attention and dropped my prized possession... somewhere between baggage and security. Oh, the horror!!! The few saving graces of the event however, were that I definitely knew the approximate whereabouts of said possession, and also, it happened on the way HOME from vacation, not on the way there. That would have been a complete gong show! Still, how much of a dumbass am I!
Anyhow, the Customs and Border Services folks in Toronto were all fabulous, and I am tremendously grateful they have a process to deal with important lost documents. And trust me, my very important document will never be lost again! Oh happy day!
Now, I have a few last minute details to attend to with respect to our trip to the BVI and Puerto Rico... which I am super relieved will not be affected by my lack of a passport... I am finally not stressed and am getting excited! Yeah!

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Anonymous said...

O made my heart stop just reading about your scary event. How easy that would be to happen, in a rush at a airport!!!
We are so happy for you that it all turned out good. So I guess that is another learning experience 'how to retreive a lost passport'. Hope I never experience it.
Enjoy a few weeks of is warming up here.
All our love mom & dad