Thursday, February 11, 2010

Seven more sleeps...

In just one short week, we'll be sailing around the British Virgin Islands! Yeah! However, I am currently swimming in a plethora of books and maps... there is more to read and learn than I ever imagined! But it is all good; I still have a few free days to study, and it is super interesting. I'm hoping to get through all the material this weekend or early next week. And... I've been watching the weather and the average temp is +28C in Roadtown... Whoo hoo! That in itself is major motivation!
Anyway, the weather here has certainly shaped up - it was clear and sunny and not that far below zero today. I'm sure we are just being teased though, since it is still February. Oh well. We'll be gone until the 9th of March, so I really shouldn't complain - we have been fortunate to miss a big chunk of this year's nasty winter!
My biggest problem at the moment is deciding what camera gear to take and how I'm going to pack it. I'm thinking that, on a sailboat, there won't be much reprieve from the humid, salty air. Do I take the Pelican case? Or just the all-weather LowePro pack? Maybe I should skip the SLR rig altogether and make do with the point'n'shoots... hmmm... I still have some time to peruse this subject. Anyone have any suggestions?
Of course I'll take a laptop and keep up with the blog... Todd now has an i-Phone and has assured me we'll have an internet connection no matter where we are... so we'll see how that goes! Pete and Sandy are joining us, so stay tuned for some fun shots from our amazing upcoming holiday!

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