Friday, February 18, 2011

Design time...

Remember all of that sea glass I've been collecting, from our recent vacations? Okay, well maybe you don't... but let me fill you in... One of my favorite things to do when I'm on any beach, is search the sand for cool ocean treasures. Just ask Todd - I've spent hours and hours and hours (between launching and landing kites, that is!), combing the shorelines of the various places we've visited, stuffing my boardshort pockets full of glass and shells.

This week, finally, I got my shite together and began a project which I've had in mind since I spotted my very first chunk of sea glass, way back when in St. Lucia. The project is jewellery building. I picked out about a dozen of the grooviest pieces of sea glass from my collection, and I created pendants with them. They are copper wire wrapped and strung on leather cords.

I've been having just too much fun with it all, and I now have them for sale on a great site called Etsy. Etsy is all handmade or vintage items - it's kind of like the eco-version of eBay. My shop name is (can you guess?) 'kidinacandyshop', so check out my stuff here if you have time!


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Anonymous said...

What a neat project,Cheryle, you have the most creative mind,,and from very interesting places,,,,cheerio for now ,,,dunkster,,,,