Monday, February 7, 2011

Fun times!

We made a quick trip to Cranbrook this weekend and had a fabulous time visiting with our friends Renee and Sheldon DeCosse. Sunday we all skiied at Kimberley, which was so much fun!

It is a great hill and the snow was awesome! I've never been there before and I can't wait to go back - I loved it!

To totally make the day, Sheldon let Todd and I ride some of his custom skiis (Todd actually bought a pair but couldn't get the bindings mounted in time to use them this trip), and after spending a few hours on the 173 Powder Whores, I am seriously considering ordering a set.

As the name somewhat implies, the skiis make ripping through the powder way more easy... for me, anyway. Even at the end of the day when my legs were feeling tired, the boards seemed to do most of the work. Sweet!! As well, Sheldon will put pretty much any graphic imaginable on the skiis. So I'm sifting through my favorite photos as we speak, trying to decide what I'd like on mine.  Happy Birthday to me??? Hee hee!!!

We bailed a bit early today, since the weather and subsequent road conditions really crapped out this morning... but we made it home just fine and now it's back to the grind tomorrow. Thanks again to the DeCosse's for a most excellent weekend! Check out their website for more info on the skiis and snowboards they build at their shop in Cranbrook.


Renee said...

Awesome Pics Cheryl! Love it!!!

Anonymous said...

VERY COOL LOOKING SKIS,,be sure and display yours when you get them ,,you should take 1 picture of your new office,,just so you remember where to return from your interesting travels,,,,cheerio,,,dunkster,,,