Sunday, May 29, 2011


Finding the pinhole leak in the bladder out of his 17m kite took Todd the better part of a day... but after hours of pumping and deflating and snooping, and of course cursing a blue streak, the teeny tiny culprit was discovered and patched.

And it was fixed just in time, too - Saturday was windy all day, and we spent it at Gull Lake. The skies were hazey early on from all the wildfire smoke, but by late afternoon it had cleared right off.


Chris and Darryl came out as well, and I think everybody had a pretty good time. Especially Darryl. That guy spends alot of time inverted!



Well, back to work tomorrow. Work. Bleh. I'd so rather be playing! Hopefully the weather is turning for the better and hiking season can seriously begin. Not that I don't enjoy taking pics of these guys on the water but... I'm really looking forward to getting out and stretching my legs on some mountain trails.


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