Sunday, May 22, 2011

We bought a boat!

Ah ha! I bet that got your attention!! Alright, alright... it's only 15 feet long and it requires a pump, but it is still a boat! Here's the new toy:

It's an inflatable kayak made by Advanced Elements, and it can be paddled by either one or two people. We took it out on Gull Lake today for a test run and have decided it was a grrrrreat purchase!

The convenience of it packing down small enough to fit in my car combined with a set-up time of about five minutes means this is going to be super duper fun on non-windy, non-kitesurfing days this summer. We may even get a second kayak so we can do some river camping trips!

yellow-headed blackbirds in the reeds

Fun fact from the day: Our top speed was 4.6 mph. Todd claims it was all him of course.  ;)


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Anonymous said...

MY,MY,! you two never cease to amaze me with your purchases,, looks very practical,,do you think the material will withstand numerous packing episodes ? probably yes,,,,enjoy your exploring ventures with it,,cheerio,,,dunkster,,,,,