Tuesday, August 9, 2011

I saw Shamu!

This past weekend I made it into an extra-long one - I hopped a plane with my good friend Toni and headed for some Southern California sun and fun! The real excuse for traveling to San Diego was my baby sister... she and her husband spend a week every August in the Mission Bay area... so it was doubly awesome to get to hook up with her as well!!

It was a whirlwind tour, for sure. We hit SeaWorld (amazing!), the Gaslamp District (super cool), the San Diego Zoo (that place is HUGE!!), the USS Midway (fascinating), Old Town (historic), and of course a few malls here and there. The weather was perfect and I had a fantastic time! Talk about hard to come home...  **SIGH**

Here is an overview of my favorite things from SD:


Killer whale tricks!

Shamu puts on a darn good show!

This was an all-day affair...


So serious...

I had no idea hippos could stay under water so long!

Check out the gorgeous landscape!

Well, it's back to work for a few days, and then the plan is to get out for two or three days in the mountains. I just realized that it is dang near mid-August... oyy!! And I haven't even come close to getting to all the trails and peaks on my 'To Do' list yet. Guess I better get on it!!!


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Anonymous said...

Very nice pics especialy the PANDA bear,,you sure utilize your time to the MAXIMUM,,plus the americans could use your vacation money,,lol,,cheerio,, dunkster,,,,