Monday, March 18, 2013

La Vida Buena - La Habana

I just returned from Cuba - an island that intrigues me and one to which I'm certain I will go back. I traveled with my bestest friend, with whom I've been buds since childhood, and I had a most excellent holiday!

BFF's in Cuba - too fun!!

The day we went into Havana was my favorite; the city is home to over 2.2 million people and you'd swear that time literally stopped in about 1960. Most buildings are in need of repairs or at least a fresh coat of paint, and about 90% of the vehicles are circa 1950's. But almost everybody you meet is friendly, and laughter and music are everywhere! The history is incredible, and I came away with a huge respect for living the simple life and appreciating every single moment for what it is, rather than being so concerned with what I have (or don't have). Humbling.

Old Town Havana

Time warp!

The Capitol Building

Old Town Havana

Bruce, Kathy, Deb, Herb, Cher, Jynelle, Randy, Wendy


View from the top of the Jose Marti monument.

Museum inside the monument.

La Catedral de La Habana - largest cathedral in Havana.

View across the bay from the Fortress.

Street performer - super cool!

The Cemetary

Cervesas at the end of the day!

The white van was our sweet ride from Varadero to Havana.
I'm convinced it used to be an ambulance.

I loved everything about my trip to Cuba - seeing a new country, experiencing a different culture, relaxing on stellar beaches, drinking lots of rum, catching up and hanging out with a great friend, and of course meeting new friends. We did a ton of stuff during our stay, and even though it's hard to come back to reality, I know I'm super fortunate to have such an awesome life and to have the opportunity to explore the planet at will. La vida buena!


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