Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Time well spent....

What a holiday! I am now home from Cuba.... such a beautiful place, filled with beautiful people. Not surprisingly, internet cafes were non-existent.... and the computer and internet access at the hotel we stayed at were archaic to say the least.... so I wasn't able to post while I was away.

But the vacation was amazing! The beaches around Varadero are gorgeous - soft, white sand and stunning turquoise water. The Cubans are definitely a happy bunch - always smiling and chatty and very approachable.

Of course we enjoyed the unlimited sun and rum at the resort.....

Life is good! On the beach at Brisas del Caribe.

Besties enjoying the sun and fun!

Hotel lobby - Brisas del Caribe.
Probably the busiest place in the hotel - the lobby bar!

Brisas del Caribe, Varadero


Artwork in the piano bar at the hotel.

It's official - I was there!

And aside from lovin' life on the beach, we checked out many, many cool things. We hopped the bus and went into Varadero a few times....

Riding the double-decker 'red' bus.

Streets of Varadero

The Beatles Club - way too fun!

Most excellent band at The Beatles Club

Live Cuban music at La Calle 62 - awesome!

Lunch and beverages at El Rancho

We went on a jeep safari, which took us on a totally cool, 150km adventure through the rural areas between Varadero and Havana....

Cassidy and Kathy joined us to make a foursome for the jeep. I drove.
The others probably regretted that by the end of the day. LOL!

The crew of 'jeeps' - such a fun time!

Gnarly conditions - we stopped here to snorkel, but had
had to settle for pina coladas at a beach-side stand instead.

Cool cave!

Snorkelling IN the cave! The water was ~22m deep.

Sugar cane growing on the farm.

On the farm - a barn, me on a bull (yes that's right), and horseback rides.

Groovy sky on the riverboat ride at the end of the jeep safari day.

Lucky for us, the hottest day of the entire week was the day we went sailing....
The new marina on the east end of the Varadero peninsula.
A quick swim with the dolphins.
Jessica! These creatures are smart!
Cayo Blanco - where we docked for the afternoon.
How could I not be ecstatic to be here!!
A fantastic day on the boat!
I have to say that my favorite day of all was the day we spent in Havana. It is an incredible city, and I've written a separate post about it.
Well I'm pretty sure there are still so many fabulous things to see and do in Cuba, and it is a place that I would love to go back to. The country has a certain 'charm' if you will, that I've not experienced elsewhere in my travels, and I highly recommend visiting Cuba. And do it soon!

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