Saturday, May 18, 2013

Best.... concert.... EVER....

Wow. If I were to die without having seen another live music performance, I would be okay with that. I'm dead serious. Ha ha - bad pun, sorry...

You see, last night, I went to the Fleetwood Mac concert in Calgary. That in itself could almost be "nuff said". But I need to elaborate, because they were freakin' incredible!

I have loved Stevie Nicks, and the rest of the crew as well, for as long as I can remember. "Dreams" was the song that initally hooked me, way back when... I must have been about ten years old when I first heard it... heard that voice... I think it was on their 'Rumours' album? That same summer, I bought one of their LP's at a garage sale and took it home and played it on my silly little Sony record player in my bedroom for hours on end. Truth be known, not much changed for me over the years. Any one of their albums/cassettes/CD's was the go-to music for parties, road trips, or just plain chilling out in my living room.

So imagine my delight, when I heard last fall that they were coming to a city near me! I didn't hesitate to scoop up a couple of front-row tickets and I'm telling you, they were worth every penny!!

I touched Lindsey's guitar!!
Watching him play 'Big Love', up close, was indescribable.

Stevie - she's still definitely got it!

Mick - energetic and crazy as ever!

Best concert EVER!

Lindsey Buckingham is an amazingly passionate musician, and talk about a talented guitar player... I was mesmerized by him the entire time! Stevie Nicks has about the most powerful, beautiful, unique voice in all of music history, and it sounded as fabulous last night, live, as it ever has. That gorgeous woman has not missed a beat. Mick Fleetwood.... he's crazy and has energy like you would not believe... he has GOT to be in the top ten drummers of all time - that man LOVES to play! And John McVie is of course just completely cool on the bass, always has been, always will be. Sadly, Christine was not touring with the group. I think I read somewhere that she has fully retired.

I had a most wickedly great evening, with one of my best friends, and it will be a show that resonates within me for quite some time. I loved it, loved every second of it! Yeah!! I am so darn fortunate!!

Me and one of my besties, IN THE FRONT ROW!


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Anonymous said...

Glad the concert was a great success,,are you in CANMORE for the week end or do you have to work,,,remember,,that is what you do (sometimes ??)to provide a means to an end,,, the balance of the week-end,,,love ya lots ,,,,cheeriofor now,,dunkster,,,