Monday, May 20, 2013

Almost perfect!

What a kick-ass weekend! There was some serious rocking, and a bit of chilling out, and some wicked outside time.... does it really get much better than that??

You may have read my post about me getting to see the best rock band of all time on Friday night.... Mmmm mmm!! Well I slept in and puttered around Red Deer before driving to Canmore on Saturday. And on Sunday, when I was finally recovered from the hype of the concert, I parked my carcass on the couch while it poured rain outside, and I got in some major quality reading....

Can't wait for THIS movie now!

And today, the forecast was still iffy, but I decided to get some miles on my new hiking boots, so I went and had lunch on the top of EEOR (East End of Rundle)....

Signs, signs, everywhere there's signs.... LOL!

Gorgeous views on the ascent.

Can you see all the peeps on Ha Ling??

Wish you were here!

Can't help but smile... love this place!

Hey - check out my new tattoo!

The day was really quite perfect - the temps were exactly right, and the clouds threatened to misbehave but never did open up. Mother Nature got up to a bit of mischief however, when she cut loose a slab of rock and sent it on down over the access road this morning....

Lucky for me, I was parked very close to the event.... LOL.... i.e. I was inside the area which the road maintenance crews gated off. So I was allowed to make my way over the rubble pile and drive back to town, the usual way, as opposed to having to drive the Spray Lakes road to Hwy 40 and back around.

**SIGH** It's back to work tomorrow dang-it, for a busy, busy week. Fortunately, my days off more than make up for it!


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Anonymous said...

next time you better park away from the montain side,, lucky you parked where you did or you might of had to walk not drive home,,,, ya ,,,dunkster,,,