Saturday, June 8, 2013

Sunshine, where art thou?

June 8th. I had to do a double-take on the calendar.  June..... 8th..... Crikey, where does the time go!!? Sadly, between the uncooperative weather and that necessary evil called 'my job', I haven't been outdoors doing fun stuff nearly as much as I would like. Today however, I did spend some quality time outside and made a quick trip up to West Wind Pass.

I've been up to the pass several times, and it definitely has a huge reward-to-effort ratio. It is a fantastic place to breathe some fresh mountain air and enjoy lunch - which is exactly what I did. A bit of exercise, beautiful scenery, and best of all with great company.... what an awesome afternoon!

Tomorrow... not sure what's up. Rain, apparently. D'oh! Although I'm pretty sure I won't melt, so I am going to try to take full advantage of whatever the day might bring. I'm not at work, so how bad could it be!!


Not really related at all to this post... LOL!
I simply love graffiti, and I saw this old building
on my way home after hiking.

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Anonymous said...

SO!..You have escaped from work for the weekend,,,nice day today maybe Sunday will be nice also,,,but then any day away from work is a good thing !!...cheerio for ya lots,,,dunkster....