Sunday, June 23, 2013

Somebody is wearing her cranky pants!

And that somebody would be Mother Nature! Wow, has she been in a pissy mood lately!! She has wreaked havoc across Alberta this week, with non-stop rain and subsequent horrific flooding. Calgary and High River have been particularly devastated, and other areas around Medicine Hat, Lethbridge and Red Deer have seen way too much water as well.

The community closest to my heart which suffered, is the Rocky Mountain paradise town of Canmore. Luckily for me, my place escaped unscathed (although I haven't actually seen it yet - I guess at the very worst, my third floor condo could now be a first floor condo, with a lake view!!), but sadly, many homes did not fare well.

Here is how peaceful and beautiful Cougar Creek normally is:

And here is Cougar Creek, at the peak of its wrath:

The brute force of something which is usually so inert will never cease to amaze me. These pictures show how the water just chewed its way through everything and went wherever it wanted.

Fortunately, few lives were lost in the province-wide fiasco, and now that the flood-waters have receded, the massive clean-up process and recovery can begin.

I'm wishing good karma and positive vibes to everyone who was affected by this incredible natural disaster - nature is truly the epitome of beauty and the beast, all at the same time.


**The second, third and fourth pic are mine.... all others came from various sources and are used for editorial purposes only - no copyright issues are intentional. Thanks.**

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Anonymous said...

yes the damages are imense all over ,,I am sure your canmore condo is not touched,,,,glad you stayed away and out of the ravaged area,,,,cheerio for now love ya lots,,,DUNKSTER....