Saturday, June 15, 2013

Sportster Love....

Mmmmmm.... Love, love, LOVE my bike! No, sorry... not the kind with pedals.... this bike of which I speak has 1200 cc's of V-Twin goodness.... Mmmmm!!

My HD Sporty - Ember RED of course!

I got it out of storage a few weeks ago and have been out on it a handful of times. It's sooooo much fun... and I know, I've said that before... but really, it IS!! Can't wait to start riding to work on a regular basis - now if only the weather would cooperate!


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Anonymous said...

yes,the weather everywhere is crappy,,your mom has only been out a couple of times,,either too windy or time you visit us there will probably be a white HD to trundle around here on ,,,,have a nice day ,cheerio for now,,,love ya ,,,dunkster,,,,