Sunday, July 7, 2013

An apology...

Alright, so this weekend, it seemed as though Mother Nature was perhaps feeling a tad bit remorseful for her little temper tantrum which happened a few weeks back.... Because she totally stepped up with some dynamite weather! And look at me, I was fortunate enough to be out enjoying it!

Sentinel Pass was today's objective, and it did not disappoint. As always, the scenery was incredible and the company was fantastic too. It was such a beauty day!

I love reflections!!


I shared the day with a few really great peeps,
including one of my besties!

A 'vintage' color twist on the Moraine Lake classic!

More of the same is forecasted for this coming week.... more of the same for both the weather as well as the activities.... Oooooh, la la! Can't wait!!


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Anonymous said...

nice pics BUT ..whose is that sitting on THE EDGE OF THE DROP OFF ;almost!!!never mind I don't need to looks spectacular!...cheerio for now the dunkster,,,