Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Lovin' the Lake Life

Some things, just don't float. As in, stand-up paddleboard paddles...... and Oakley sunglasses.... Oy.....

Still wearing the Oakleys!

This past weekend was spent hanging out in the heat at Shuswap Lake - what a blast! We SUP'd, wakeboarded, tossed some horseshoes, drank many beers, and all around just had a fantastic time!

Beach fire!

The redneck in us had some pellet gun fun!

"Cliff jumping".... I'll show you the video sometime! LOL

Crazy reflection - we look like aliens!!

Chris is on his second pair of sunglasses....

Gorgeous views!

Fortunately, the paddle was recovered. The Oakleys however, came to a less auspicious ending and are now about 80 feet underwater....

The weather was amazing, the company was awesome, and we had soooo much fun - I'm looking forward to going back! Life is good!


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Anonymous said...

woe is you!!!,,just remember the sunglass sales person will be over-joyed at your demise,,,,you buy new shades and they get to eat supper or something else , with their profit,,,lol,,lol,,once again nice pics ,,looks like a fun place to go to,,,,,cheerio dunkster,,,,