Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Trains and Tunnels

I must say, that the Germans, Austrians, and Swiss sure have some brilliant engineers amongst them. Over here, they don't bother to go around things, or to switchback up things.... No-sir-ee! They just go right through, or straight up! Wow!

Throughout the alps, there is tunnel after tunnel after tunnel - I think the longest one we've driven in so far was about 16km... As well, there are cable cars everywhere, and today, we went up to the top of Mt Pilatus on the coolest old cogwheel train ever. It is the steepest in the world - this thing grinds up and down stretches of mountainside that are at a 48% grade. Holy. Moly. What an experience!

Let me back up a step. We've been hanging out in Lucerne, trying to wait out the weather, because we were hoping to head south of Interlaken and tour around the Eiger. Sadly, sunshine is eluding us, so we decided to start making our way back north.


Yep, that's a cow.... in the middle of town.

View from one of the watchtowers on the old wall
which surrounded Luzern.

I love all the medieval structures!

Old Town Luzern waterfront.

Mmmmm, beer! Belgian beer. In an
Irish pub. In Switzerland. Oh yeah!!

The owner of these poochies sat them down, and they
stayed like this the entire time she was in the shop!

Steepest cogwheel train in the world!

Socked-in at the top. That is a hotel by the way,
at the summit of Mt Pilatus!

This evening, we ended up scoring the most awesome place to stay, in a great little town called Murten. And as luck would have it, we were able to find another Irish pub!

They're everywhere! LOL!

Tomorrow's plan isn't quite developed yet - we'll decide at breakfast - but I'm sure it will include more of the same..... Fun!!!


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Anonymous said...

BEUTIFUL ARCITECTURE BUILDINGS and tunnels,,certainly a different area,,,i see you do not have to worry about drinking the "drink of choice there" lol...lovely pictures,,,love ya both,,dunkster and elmo...