Saturday, October 5, 2013


Well, we made it to Germany! And in two days, I've already managed to kick a couple of things off my bucket list - woot!! I'm probably going to have to let photos help me tell most of the story, since one pic is worth a thousand words....

Lookin' pretty good after 9 hours on a plane!

On the Autobahn! The Fiat was pushing 150km and
we were passed like we were standing still! Yes, Fiat.... Oy....

It appears our hotel may have been in a 'seedier'
district of Munich.... but still a very cool area of the city.

One word for this place.... DISTURBING.

One word for this place..... CRAZY!!!

The biggest party in Europe, so we were told.

Where do we start?!!

There were more drunk men in knickers than
I ever could have imagined!!

My bestest friend Jynelle, making sure we didn't go beerless.....

My first Oktoberfest bier!!

Mmmmm, bratwurst....

So we drove at startling speeds on the Autobahn, drank surprisingly good München-brewed beer while making new friends at Oktoberfest, and visited an amazing albeit unsettling memorial site. The next leg of our itinerary - although we are making it up as we go, so I'm not sure if that's what we should call it - is taking us to Innsbruck, Austria. There are alps and castles and all sorts of interesting Austrian things to see.... Can't wait!!


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Anonymous said...

you have covered a lot of ground in a short time Austria should be interesting,,,cheerio you ya both,,, ,,,,,dunkster and elmo,,,,