Friday, September 27, 2013

Things that go BOOM!

Today Sheila and I zipped into Boom Lake. She had to be back for work early this afternoon, so we left Canmore at the crack of dawn..... okay well not quite the CRACK of dawn, but shortly after..... and we were rewarded with having the entire trail and lake to ourselves! It was incredibly peaceful.

What on earth is THIS?? Anyone? Anyone?
My foot gives perspective with
respect to the size of the.... fungus??

The gentle hike was a nice precursor to the stupid-busy, albeit short, week ahead of me, which begins Sunday morning at work. However, I'm able to keep it all in perspective - because by this time next week, I'll be filling up on Oktoberfest beer and sausage!! Oh yeah baby! Bring it, I say!! LOL!


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Anonymous said...

must be some type of plant fugus needing damp place to survive,, enjoy your time in Europe,, don't forget to return !! ,,lol,lol,m,,,love ya lots,,,dunkster,,,,,