Monday, September 23, 2013

The Road Not Taken

Choices - we're faced with them every day. Some are inconsequential: Do I wear the brown sweater, so it hides the coffee I'm likely to spill all over myself? Or how about the green one, because it matches my eyes.... LOL! But there are times in life, when a conclusion we must come to is very  consequential. And that my friends, is where I was this past week.

A little background for you:  For me, the last couple of years have been extremely interesting, both personally and professionally. Over the course of the last four or five months especially, things have happened and opportunities have arisen, all of which have driven me into a serious state of self-reflection. I typically go about my life on a day-to-day basis, never giving much thought to 'x' number of years down the road, and I usually turn to Expedia for comfort during stressful times (as opposed to ice cream - LOL! - booking a plane ticket is the best stress relief I know!!). It is super easy in my world to just lock the door and leave.... and ha ha ha isn't THAT an appropriate analogy..... Oy!

Anyway, back in May, I applied for a job with a different company. And for the record, it was NOT because I don't like where I'm at.... it just happened to be a combination of life events and timing, as well as my thoughts on lifestyle in general, etc... So I submitted my resume... and the closing date came and went, months flew by, and I didn't give it another thought until.... I was offered the damn position a week ago!

Now, I don't need to bore you with specifics.... but carefully, closely, in painstaking detail, I reviewed and compared and considered all of the options.... back and forth, back and forth, I was like a freakin' indecisive cat at a door on a cold day... and yep, for a day or two, I really, truly, thought I was going to go for it!

In the end however, I declined. And it's all good. I love my life and I love where I'm at. It was the right choice for me, right now.

No regets. No 'what-ifs'. No second-guessing. It is simply one of the roads not taken.

A little voice inside my head said,
"Don't look back. You can never look back."
- Don Henley


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Anonymous said...

very nice depicting of your choices and decision making,,,as well as a great FINAL DECISION,,,good choice,,,thanks for sharing your final decision with us,,,you are so analytical and that is good,,,love ya lots cheerio for now,,,dunkster and elmo,,,,,