Sunday, September 22, 2013

Fifty Years!

Whoa. Half a century - that's how long my Mom and Dad have been married. Whoa!

Their anniversary was actually in March, however timing-wise it worked out better to have a big party in September. And a big party it was! The weather was perfect and we ate and drank like.... well, like we always have, here on 18th Street! We had way too much fun!!

I think they even still like each other!!

Fifty years of marriage. That's quite a milestone! Now, it's not one that I have any hope of achieving, that's for sure - LOL! But I am certainly proud to have been part of their equation for 44+ years.

Thanks so much to everybody who joined in the celebration - it was a most fantastic day!!

Rooftop antics - anything to get the pic...



Anonymous said...

BEST PARTY WE HAVE BEEN AT EVER!!!!!thanks cheryle and heather love ya lots ,,,dunkster,,,,,

Alexandra said...


I just checked your Wndtower photos and remember seeing you and your friend heading up as we were heading down. I was leading a group, there were 8 of us.