Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Lucky me!

I know I've said it before, like probably a hundred times..... But I'll say it again..... The mountains are my happy place!

No matter what is happening in my personal world - it could be crumbling down around me - and even if the weather outside is complete crap, as soon as I roll into Canmore, I am instantly soothed. Instantly. Every time. There is something so incredibly calming about being surrounded by all of the gorgeous rocky peaks. They are like the giant, welcoming arms of a much-needed hug. I love it!!

And I am grateful for any opportunity I get, to be out enjoying the fun things available to me in my own back yard.

I am also super grateful for all of the amazing people that I've met and for the new great friends that I've made! We've spent many fantastic days outside together and have had tons and tons of laughs..... Caroline, Sheila, Megan, Linda, Tim, Shawn..... It has been an awesome summer and I'm excited for the good times to continue!



Alexandra said...

I came upon your blog a couple of months ago and have enjoyed reading about your adventures. Today I figured it is about time I leave a comment. I feel the same as you about the mountains being my happy place. Looking forward to more of your posts. Who knows, maybe we will cross paths on a trail some day. I have already met a few fellow bloggers out there in the mountains.

Anonymous said...

mY!!,, NO MORE TRAVELLING VIA "the CHAIN TRAIL" keep as much ground and/or rock under your feet,,,,that pic looks VERY SCARY AND DANGEROUS,,,,,ANYHOW I KNOW YOU ENJOY THAT TYPE OF ADVENTURE,,,but,,,,,but,,,,try less chalenging paths,,,,,,cheerio for now and I still love ya lots,,,,,DUNKSTER,,,,,20