Sunday, March 23, 2014

It's all fun and games!

Fun, and games, and more games, and more fun.... Isn't that what it's all about? Hee hee! I know, I know, I have to be serious some of the time, since I am a grown-up after all, with responsibilities. (Oy. The "r" word!!).

Seriously though, who isn't up for playing cards once in a while, or shooting pool, or driving their Sister's sporty little VW through the Arizona desert like it was meant to be driven....


Thanks for letting us borrow your car Heather!!

Next on the agenda: Palm Springs! In just seven more sleeps, we're off on a tri-state golfing tour which starts in Southern California. I even bought new shoes for the adventure - I'm very excited! As well, I'm going to get a chance to seriously put my driving skills to the test.... by putting the pedal to the metal in a Nascar at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway! Yep, I signed up to be behind the wheel for 8 laps in a real-life race car. It will be a full-on, helmet, suit, climb-in-the-window-cuz-the-door-is-welded-shut kind of experience, and I am stoked about it!

It's all fun and games!!


I used to golf in my flip-flops... Now I have no excuse!!

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Anonymous said...

WOW,! what an adventure you have next, the NASCAR RIDE will be the best,,,golf will be excelent also,,, better not show the speedometer pic to heather,,BUT then again I Think she puts it there also,,remember that is mph NOT kph,,lol,,enjoy the time,,love ya lots ,,dunkster