Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Spring Solstice? I call bullsh*t!!


Sorry for the language people, but this is truly turning into the winter that never ends! Wow. I was hoping to get out hiking - yes, hiking - these past few days off.... I mean, we just had the Spring Solstice, right? And it is almost the end of March, right?! I remember a few years ago, being out ROCK CLIMBING in Cougar Canyon on April 1st... so it shouldn't be a stretch to think that it might be nice enough to go for a simple hike by this point on the calendar. Aaaaaack! Wrong.

I did end up getting out and about for a few walks around the town of Canmore however, including wandering along some riverside trails that I didn't know existed. Plus I had the opportunity to visit with a couple of great friends whom I haven't seen much of lately, and I got my puppy fix by hanging out with Neve.

In the big scheme of things, I really shouldn't complain: I was still in the mountains, and I was not at work! Speaking of which - tomorrow is my "Monday", and as soon as I'm done this set of weekend dayshifts, I get to escape to lots of sun and fun! Woot!


Ha ha!! Some fun with road grime!

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Anonymous said...

Clauses GLAD you were around town for your travels,,appears not much snow there ?,,,hope you have dry roads to Red deer,,,love ya lots cheerio for now,,dunkster,,,