Sunday, April 27, 2014

Hello, Summer? Are you there??

Hey Summer - come out, come out, wherever you are!! Please??! Winter 2013/2014 is appearing to be the winter that never ends. Wow.

Last week, on my drive to Canmore:

And this morning, on my drive home from work:

It's not looking all that summer-like to me.... it's actually not even spring-like!! Oy!

Well, I have nine more days of work, and then I've got just about two weeks off. Here's hoping that things make a major turnaround in the next nine days!


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Anonymous said...

You do have some snow around,,we have none,,BUT by 9 days your snow should have left,,and you would be able to enjoy all your days off in CANMORE,,it should be spring there by then,,,you are fortunate to have such a fairly short drive to your summer home !! ,,and a lovely place to stay,,,cheerio for now love ya lots,,,dunkster,,,,